1951 Reefer Madness, free ticket presented by Oral Roberts

As a child I used to get free tickets to attend various shows like this, which had a religious theme.  They were invariably followed by a sermon and an altar call.  One of the kids in my neighborhood, Rodney Whittaker, was “saved” so many times over the years, we thought he ought to have drowned from all of the baptisms…

1968 Phil Robertson, Quarterback, Louisiana Tech, Duck Dynasty star

You have to be pretty good to beat out Terry Bradshaw for the QB job, and it seems Phil was that good – at least Bear Bryant thought so.  After Phil was attacked in the media for stating his Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality, it came out that he had been a star athlete in both baseball and football.  So I decided to honor him with a private issue of 200 cards in two versions, one for football, and one for baseball. This is his football card: