Babe Ruth as a boxer/prizefighter 1919 Boston Red Sox

It was December 18th, 1919 – just a week before Christmas.  Harry Frazee, owner of the Boston Red Sox, picked up his morning newspaper to find a holiday gift he really didn’t want. He was stunned when he turned to the sports section and found out that the star of his team was going to quit baseball and become a prizefighter.  It is not for us to repeat the profanity which emanated from Frazee on that morning nearly 100 years ago.

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To Frazee, Ruth was a headache. His continued inability or outright refusal to obey curfew earned him suspensions, and his escalating salary demands infuriated Harry. The Red Sox owner spoke publicly about trading Ruth while Babe was holding out for double his existing salary and threatening to become a boxer. Eventually, he did trade Ruth to New York, in order (so it has been said) to raise money to invest in a Broadway play called “No No Nannette” and thus brought about the “Curse of the Bambino” era, in which the Red Sox waited 86 years to win a championship.

This card was issued by Monarch Corona


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