Doc Tally, 1923 House Of David traveling baseball team, the bearded Babe Ruth

Doc and the rest of the bearded ballplayers traveled the USA during the 20s and 30s playing exhibition games against all comers.  When not on the road, they played home games in their own stadium at Benton Harbor, Michigan.  The House Of David was a religious commune there.


Left handed slugger Doc Tally is also credited with being inventor of the famous House of David “Pepper Game” – and he also served his club as their ace knuckle ball pitcher. Unsurprisingly, House of David insiders for years considered Tally to have been their greatest player.

Tally2Postscript Addendum:  Wow! Those really were the “good old days” when a “perfect for boys” .22 caliber pistol could be mail ordered for $17.95? Of course, we have to remember, back in the “good old days”,  people, especially immature, always angry, drug-addicted and drunk people weren’t around to use guns to kill other good people. The kids just used them for target practice, shooting squirrels out of trees, and the old lady’s cat from next door when it trespassed into their own back yards. If it didn’t want to die, the damn cat never should have invaded the kid’s territory. – Besides, it was just a cat. – Right? – And more than that, remember, it was only a single shot pistol! – If the kid was a lousy shot, the cat had a better than sporting chance of getting away before the kid could reload!

This card was issued by King Cards


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