Fidel Castro, 1959 Barbudos, Havana Cuba, pitcher

Fidel was probably a pretty good amateur pitcher by all accounts.  Whether he was ever major league (or even minor league) material is a subject of debate.


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This card describes Castro pitching in an exhibition, after he became the leader of Cuba, and about a decade after he last played baseball regularly.  Regardless of his talent level, Fidel really loved baseball. Today’s Cuba speaks volumes about his love for the sport.  In spite of the fact that the island has been poverty-stricken for 5 decades, Castro’s government found the money to build lighted baseball diamonds in every neighborhood. On any evening, all across the country, baseball parks light up the night and working men of all ages walk down to the neighborhood ball field to play, watch, and talk baseball.

This card was created and issued by Gary Ceiradkowski


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